Travel to Kerala – Cherai Beach

Me and my husband want to visit a place which give us a peaceful thing to the mind. We search such a places on the Google. Got shortlist a list and very confuse about places. I love green and blue colors, so we decided to visit Kerala – God’s Own City. Before visiting Kerala, I don’t know why this place called God’s Own City, now I can understand or realized why kerala called  God’s Own City. Such beautiful place and pleasure weather. My blog I have given some little info about my travel experience to Kerala. We visited Cherai Beach, Alleppey, Munnar & Periyar National Park.
Cherai Beach
We travel by airway from Pune to Cochin. Cherai beach is amazing place to visit, it is like green land, its why its called ‘God’s Own City’.

Cherai beach is approx 20 km from Cochin international airport. We booked cab to our hotel. Cherai beach located on north-end of the Vypeen Island is ideal from swimming.
We visited in December month, weather was so pleasant and romantic. All around green coconut groves and paddy fields.  Beach is all around sandy beach is unique combination of  backwaters and the sea water.

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dehu temple

Dehu – A Place Of Pilgrimage

Dehu is a place of pilgrimage. Dehu is the one of the spiritual place in Maharashtra.  Dehu is the birth place of Saint Tukaram Maharaj, he born on 1608 and Vaikundha year 1650.  There is a temple of Saint Tukaram Maharaj which had built in year 1723.  Saint Tukaram Maharaj’s ancestral home is still said to exist.  The ‘Palkhi’ in the month of ‘Ashadh’ from Dehu is one of the main attractions of Dehu for people. The millions of people have being taking particiapation in ‘Palkhi’ from more than 700 years.  ‘Palkhi’ is a 21-day travel by foot to Pandarpur. During this ‘Palkhi’ ‘Abhang’of Sant Tukaram are remembered.

Photographs of the Temple and Ghats of Dehu (Indrayani River)


dehu temple

dehu ghat


The main Pandarpur Yatra starts from the Sant Tukaram Temple at Dehu in Pune District. The warkaris or pilgrims follow the Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi procession. This main procession is joined by Sant Dnyaneshwar palkhi from Alandi near Pune. Numerous other palkhis from other towns and villages join the yatra on the way.

Some of the ‘Palkhi Photographs shared. Pune is the one of the bing nivas stan for Sant Tukaram and Sant Dnyaneshwar palkhi.




crowd of people




Tukaram was national saint of India, great religious poet, devotee of lord Vitthal. He and Saint Dnyaneshwar was the popular saints and both worshiped Lord Vitthal. The ‘Warkari sampraday’ carried over by Saint Tukaram and his literature (Abhang) in Marathi are considered as pinnacle of Bhagawat Hindu tradition. Saint Tukaram is venerated by Hindus as well as Sikh. He wrote a large number of devotional poems in archaic Marathi identified as Abhang. He’s composition (poetries) are found in Guru Granth Sahib.

How to Reach to Dehu:

Distance from Pune Railway Station: 27-30 Km
Distance from Pune Airport: 27-30 Km
Distance from Pimpari Chinchawad Municipal: 15-17 Km
Distance from Alandi: 15-17 Km
Local Conveyance to Dehu
Other than your personal vehicle or hired one you can go for-
Corporation Buses (PMPML)
Taxi on Hire

Someshwar wadi

A visit to Someshwar Wadi at Pashan

Pune is most famous for its culture; we can say cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. Mostly with incredible of architecture such as Shanivar Wada, Sinhagadh Fort, Lal Mahal, Kesari Wada, Torna Fort and many more. Someshwar wadi Temple is one of the best example of historical place in Pune, located at Pashan.

When you are looking for peaceful place and relaxation you must visit Someshwar Temple.   Temple is located on the bank of river Ramnadi, a fresh and cool atmosphere. The temple is indeed a beautiful place. Many of the new Punekars are unaware of it, I also unaware about it. I got to know from my Husband. When I visited this place, I just felt why not visited this place before it. It does very mesmerize place. Best place for the much needed tranquility from your hectic life. The extremely beautiful heritage temple is with its clean and fresh garden surroundings.



Now history for Someshwar Temple – The Shivling is Swayambhu and Someshwar temple was built in the year 1640 by Jijabai, mother of Great Shivaji. The history dates back over 700 years ago when a cow used to sprinkle milk over a snake hole (varul) which was seen by a cowherd, after this incident Lord Shankar came in his dream. Directing him to dig up the snake hole where he found the Shivalinga. One can see this Swaysmbhu (self-originated) Shivalinga in the inner sanctum of this magnificent temple. Presently, the Shivalinga is covered with a golden mask of Lord Shiva. Continue reading


Trek to Rohida Fort in Monsoon

Rohida trek was most memorable trek in my life. A strong and fast-moving stream of water experienced at Rohida. You must visit this fort in Monsoon, it’s quite easy to trek and reach to top of fort.

Rohida fort is also known as ‘Vichitra gad’ and ‘Binicha Killa’. Rohida fort is situated about 15 Km from Bhor Village and 60 Km from Pune city, it takes approximately 1 hour and 24 min to reach. It’s my second trek in Monsoon. Rohida is barren in summer and winter season, but in monsoon it’s filled with lush green grass.


Apart from this attraction points are old temple, few big water tanks, Chor darvaja, Buruj (bastion) on North East Face, Chuna grinding wheel. Continue reading


Kolthare Beach in Dapoli

When we were looking for low crowded beach, that time we found Kolthare Beach in Google Search.  Kolthare is a  village located at Dapoli Tauka in Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra state. Kolthare is 12.2 km from Dapoli city.  Shri Dev Koleshwar (देवनागरी: श्री देव कोळेश्वर) is an ancient Shiva Temple located at Kolthare, a village from Dapoli Taluka.






Early in the morning around 5.30am, while entering in Kolthare Village; we found a amazing place ‘42 feet high Parshuram statue’. It’s approx. 2 Km before the Kolthare. This is literally a huge statue built recently. We believe, Parshuram was the sixth avatar of Vishnu and one of the seven immortals. He fought back the advancing seas, thus saving the lands of Kokan – which is why he stands here.

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